Lonesome Rodeo Cowboy By George Strait

Lyrics Of Lonesome Rodeo Cowboy by George Strait

I own this horse and saddle
And that old Cadillac
This broken down horse trailer
And the clothes that are on my back
Well I know that it ain't a hell of alot
But it's all that I can show

My wife left me five years ago
In one of those rodeo towns
I can't say that I blame her much
She just wanted to settle down
Oh God how I miss that woman
It hurt so to see her go
If I was smart I woulda stuck by her
But I'm hooked on this rodeo

And I'm just a Lonesome Cowboy
I'm a little bit over the hill
I shoulda quit this thing a long time ago
But I guess I never will
So I keep on movin from show to show
Hopin to change my luck
My good ol days are just a memory
But I just can't give it up

There was a time I used to do alright
And bring home my share of the dough
But now I'm losin out to the younger boys
I guess I must be gettin slow
But there's one thing you learn from this
You gotta make it on your own
Cause when your on top you've got a million friends
But when your down buddy you're all alone

Repeat Chorus

My good ol days are just a memory
But I just can't give it up

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Artist: George Strait
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