Dissent Part 2. Exception To The Ruled By Misery Index

Lyrics Of Dissent Part 2. Exception To The Ruled by Misery Index

Blood Encrusted Eyes
Staring Out In Space
The Revolution Mind
The Overbearing Thought That I
Am Dying In This Place
Alone Within The Crowd
This Never Ending Race
A War Comprised Of All Against All

A Burning Awareness I've Been Deceived
A Life Lived Out Crawling Here On My Knees?

Born In From The Outside
My Conscience Will Not Let Me Breathe
Have I Sacrificed My Last Hope
That Something In This World
Is Worth More Than Money Or The State
'Cause The Hate In My Heart Will Never Wait

All-Observing Eyes, Watching From Above
Big Brother To Us All
Explain Away The System's Faults
You'd Never Last A Day In My Battered Boots

Bursting With Tension My Work Is Done
One Day Here Too Many A Call To Arms

Challenging This Order
The Voice Of The Voiceless Unchained
I Will Vomit On Your Pompous Morals
I'm The One You Nailed Down
Abstainer, The Slayer Of Deceit
And I Am Back For My Feast

Words Are Buried, Suppressed And Contradicted
Tongues Are Muted, Dislodged And Diluted

Dissenting, Alive
A Traitor You Can Only Hope To Be
You'd Deny My Right To Shove It
Back In The Face Of The Master?

So I Present This Drastic Declaration
We'll Send This Shit Upon Its Way
Burn All Flags And Burn All Nations
And Live Your Life In Your Own Way

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