Angels Cry (Demo) By Angra

Lyrics Of Angels Cry (Demo) by Angra

So, time is waiting
Now overloaded
See, weeping eyes
Let me alone

Angels crying
Back to the war
Angels dying
Rest in their fall

Come to me, try to see
future is not what you wished it to be

'cos everyday seems the same
To the whole mankind

So why still you're standing on the field all your life...
sowing the seeds that'll never grow
season won't end 'till the fine grains harvest comes
We're waiting for the dawn..
The change must start right now!

Oh, scars are fading
seeds now may grown
feeding no more lies
raising as the sun

Angels are crying and dying
for holy chants of
fareweel to kings
overthrown by the purpose light

Nobody ships when the glimpse
of your target comes behind you,
Like steps of the pilgrims unshined!

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Artist: Angra
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