Computer Cowboy (Syscrusher) By Neil Young

Lyrics Of Computer Cowboy (Syscrusher) by Neil Young

Well, his cattle each have numbers
And they all eat in a line
When he turns the floodlights
on each night
Of course the herd looks perfect!
Computer Cowboy.

Well, he rides
the range 'til midnight
And the wild coyotes yowl
As he trots
beneath the floodlights
And of course
the rhythm is perfect!
Computer Cowboy.

Ride along computer cowboy
To the city just in time
To bring another system down
And leave your alias behind:
Computer syscrusher.

Computer syscrusher.

Crusher. Syscrusher.


Come a ky ky yippee yi yippee yi ay

Come a ky ky yippee yi ay.

Come a ky ky yippee yi yippee yi ay

Come a ky ky yippee yi ay.

Computer syscrusher.

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Artist: Neil Young
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