Don't Go By Regine Velasquez

Lyrics Of Don't Go by Regine Velasquez

You said, "I lied"
You screamed, I cried
You packed your things
You wanna leave
You get the car keys
And headed for the door

Now, I'm down on my knees
I'm beggin' you please
Don't go, don't go
Don't give up on us now
We can work it out
Don't go, don't go

Maybe I'm wrong and you're right
I said "I'm sorry"
No, I don't wanna fight
Just calm down
And hold me close
And dry the tears in my eyes

[Repeat CHORUS]

Why can't we kiss and make up
I don't want to ever break up
Why can't we forgive and forget
And stay together

[Repeat CHORUS]

[Repeat CHORUS on the background]
Don't go
I'm down on my knees
Oh, baby, I'm beggin' you please
I'm beggin' you please
Don't go
Don't, don't go

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Artist: Regine Velasquez
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