Be Together Again By Will Hoge

Lyrics Of Be Together Again by Will Hoge

one fine day when those clouds above have gone away
oh i know i?ll see you again
and when i do
we?re worry cause i still be true
oh and i know that we?ll be together again
when night falls
call my love
if you need a day just call
oh and i know
i?ll be running back to you
and i will find you no matter how far
no matter what you do
oh and i know that we?ll be together again
together again when i see you walking by
well you know it makes me feel so high
fields of flowers blooming in my mind
and this love this love like ours
know it gets a little bit sweeter every time
so when you don?t feel so strong hold on hold on
don?t you know it won?t be long till we?re together again?
together again

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Artist: Will Hoge
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