Kandy Kane By Will Hoge

Lyrics Of Kandy Kane by Will Hoge

this one quiet till she came to town
oh but everything was different the moment that her feet touched town
the green lights all were red and the boys all should?ve been
we heard her when she said that over there
was kandy kane sweet kandy kane
the morning came and i said that she knew how
and well if i had knew that than nobody really knew why
but she?s so disco cool oh and hollywood?s starlit jewel
oh we could miss that never seemed the same
because of kandy kane sweet kandy kane
oh my kandy oh my kandy kandy kane
oh its just like a porsche thats smokin from the great big house
and the woman in town went down and had her hair dyed blonde
when the red hair her roots
her boots
was kandy kane sweet kandy kane
so want to see you right now all i know is i want you around
oh but shes so disco cool oh and everybodys
oh kandy kane oh kandy kane oh my kandy oh my kandy kandy kane

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Artist: Will Hoge
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