Ireland By Dar Williams

Lyrics Of Ireland by Dar Williams

When the morning mist is rising
And the Hudson nearly blue
With the branches all a' blowing
And the sun comes sifting through
I stare with homesick wonder
For my thoughts all turn to you
And my memory fills with deeper greens and blues
And Ireland is always in the news
I called your struggle useless
And my home a battlefield
And I cursed the hope of moving
I left you all behind me
Crying that your fate was sealed
But the anger not the love here I did lose
And Ireland is always in the news
But now I'm having nightmares
For the picture will not fade
Of one hundred black umbrellas
Shining in a great parade
I guess I had it coming
It's a cold hard price I paid
For yes I did choose
To find my brother's funeral in the news
So don't you get your hopes up
But I think I'm coming home
For maybe there'll be freedom
With one more shoulder to that stone
I may end up a martyr
But I will not end alone
Oh your are a family that I can't refuse
Oh Ireland you're dying in the news

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Artist: Dar Williams
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