Cold Steel By Deströyer 666

Lyrics Of Cold Steel by Deströyer 666

This is retribution!
So come to me all you philosphers
I have a use for all your words
And as for you poets and bards
Syncophants to every scar
And as for you lovers of light
You are prisoners on all sides
And as for you humanists
I give the gift of pestilence
This is tyranny
And as for your politics
You march in circles with semantic tricks
And as for you occultists
You hide in shadows with your books
And fuck all you religious fools
Your gods your temples your fucking rules
I have no need for pessimism
I believe in nihilism!
And emperors of golden halls
You built your tomb within your walls
So blessed be the murderers
Who work like wicked conjurers
Rape the world!

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Artist: Deströyer 666
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