Witch Hunter By Deströyer 666

Lyrics Of Witch Hunter by Deströyer 666

Witch hunter - seeks a scapegoat
Witch hunter - words blow in the wind
Witch hunter - seeks a way out
Witch hunter - know all that is sin
Witch hunter - herald of plagues
Witch hunter - would kill to morality's name
Witch hunter - the virulent keep
The lies of pigs and their fuckin disease
There are those who will come to watch you die
To stand around your funeral pyre
And they'll laugh as you're marched to your death
And they dance when the noose is put round your neck
The first to cry and the first to fall
The first to come to the witch hunter's call
The first to curse whatever is free
The first to fight and the first to flee
The first to do whatever is done
The first to sing the witch hunter's song...

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Artist: Deströyer 666
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