Humble Me (feat. Lemicah Levert) By Gerald Levert

Lyrics Of Humble Me (feat. Lemicah Levert) by Gerald Levert

(featuring Lemicah Levert)

What do you have to do
what homework do you have to do
(spelling and math)
So why aren't you at home doing your homeowork
why didn't you do your homework (cause you wanted me to come here)
and (and)

Sometimes my ego gets in the way
I don't say I love you when I should say
it ain't your fault I had a bad day
for your happiness is why I pray

Now I lay me down to sleep
hope that you are proud of me
if I should die before I wake
remember all these words I'm saying
Your smile your face is all that it takes
is all that it takes to humble me
your smile your face is all that it takes
is all that it takes to humble me

When I look into your eyes I think that
I'm a lucky guy
to know someone like you will always be
apart of my life
knowing that I taught you well I picked
you up when you fell
And no one else can tell you that but
you I won't be there
I know you are the future times heart
of the sure end
and that is why it make me respect you more

Repeat Chorus three times

I love you forever will always be together
sang sang sang will well that was good that
was good
thank you anything you want to say
anything you want to say to your fans thank
you everybody
for what for loving me



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