Fire In The Loins By Gwar

Lyrics Of Fire In The Loins by Gwar

(Vocals by Oderus Urungus and Slymenstra Hymen)
Oftimes you'll find me raving, sometimes you'll find me sick
To wake me up this morning you hit me with a brick
Can I help it if I am rather thick?
Maybe we can chill you out by chopping off your dick!
Sister and brother, hate one another
You really are pathetic, and you call me a slut
Then you walk around all day with midgets up your butt!
At least the midgets like me, they like my disease
Well, maybe there's hope for you, but first get on your knees
Hey, wait a minute!
I don't want it to hurt
Then you will learn nothing man, so grovel in the dirt
Sister and brother, kill one another
Brother and sister, back off mister
I don't know where to begin,
but I'll try not to lie because lying is a sin
What do you know of sin?
I taught you about sin when the sun was dim
But what of my power?
What about it?
There's no pussy in your tower
I could have any women that I want!
The fact that you rape them is nothing to flaunt
Oh...well uh you got me there,
but wait a minute
But what of my sword?
What of the comet?
And the roaring horde?
I'm getting bored
Maybe if you got off drugs,
you wouldn't get ignored
Then you could achieve erection
You might even find that it helps with your inflection
Now I'm getting mad!
So what? I can still kick your ass!
All of you men, you talk a good game
You must plan it out cause you all sound the same
You huff and you puff, you

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Artist: Gwar
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