Middle Aged Crazy By Jerry Lee Lewis

Lyrics Of Middle Aged Crazy by Jerry Lee Lewis

Today he traded his big 98 Oldsmobile

He got a heck of a deal

On a new Porsche car

He ain't wearing his usual grey business suit

He's got jeans and high boots

With an embroidered star

An today he's forty years old going on twenty

Don't look for the grey in his hair

'Cause he ain't got any

He's got a young thing beside him

That just melts in his hand

He's middle aged crazy

Trying to prove he still can

He's gotta a woman he's loved for a long long time at home

Ah but the thrill is all gone

When they cut down the lights

They've got a business that they spent a while comming by

been a long uphill climb

But now the profits are high

But today he's forty years old going on twenty

And he hears of sordid affairs and he aint had any

And the young thing beside him

You know she understands

That he's middle aged crazy

Trying to prove he still can

guitar solo

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Artist: Jerry Lee Lewis
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