Hello Big Man By Carly Simon

Lyrics Of Hello Big Man from Hello Big Man

(Carly Simon/Peter Wood)

He started a company
When he was a young man
Handsome, and like a reed so tall
With a face like an old photograph
She would fall for him
Fall for him
She would fall

She wore her mother's cocktail dress
With saddle shoes
She was pretty and she was small
She worked the switchboard
Down the hall from him
Down the hall

He said: 'Hello little woman'
She said: 'Hello big man'
And that was how the wooing
And the winning began
He said: 'Hello little woman'
She said: 'Hello big man'

Of course New York in those days
Was carriage rides and matinees
He took her to a ball
At the Waldorf Astoria
He would fall for her
Fall for her, he would fall


You could hear them laugh
As they danced in their room
And the shadows on the avenue
Rose into a jealous moon
Which swung low in the dawn like
To see what was going on with those two

You keep on expecting
Something to go wrong
And nothing does
They still live in the house
Where we were born
Pictures of us kids
Hanging up all over the walls

And some say he built his empire
For wealth and toil
But, if you ask him why
He'll say he did it all for her
All for her
All for her


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Album/Movie: Hello Big Man
Artist: Carly Simon
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