It Should Have Been Me By Carly Simon

Lyrics Of It Should Have Been Me from Coming Around Again

(Bryan Adams/Jim Vallance)

I think of you now and then
But I remember when love was new
And you were mine, my love
So why would we pretend
We were lovers and now we're friends
I don't want to say goodbye to you
Again, my love

It should have been me
That's lovin' you instead of someone else
I needed you but how was I to know
It should have been me
That's holding you through all the lonely nights
I knew that I should never let you go,
My love

What we once had is gone
No tears, no right, no wrong
It could never be the same again, my love
The more we see the less we know
Now you believe our love will grow
I don't want to say goodbye to you again,
My love


My love, how would I survive
With another broken heart
On my own again
When I need a friend
To help me find a place to start


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Album/Movie: Coming Around Again
Artist: Carly Simon
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