Cinderella By Kari Rueslåtten

Lyrics Of Cinderella by Kari Rueslåtten

She is just passing through
Last year and the year before
She is just passing through you
She washed the day away
instead of making it allright
She washed the day away
- How brave
You don't have to let her in
just listen and let her begin
She is Cinderella in desguise [sic]
or The Mermaid in despite
of her very human feet
dancing in her Ballroom Suite
You never did treat her well
oh, sure you had nice words to sell
You never did treat her well
- and you know it
She has come here today
and I don't think she's here to stay
Cinderella has to go
oh, I wish it was not so
As the clock soon will strike twelve
we will find her as herself

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Artist: Kari Rueslåtten
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