Borrowing You By Kari Rueslåtten

Lyrics Of Borrowing You by Kari Rueslåtten

Hey beautiful
can I have you for a while?
Here in my head
you're the one
I never thought
I would find somebody like you
I never thought
you would come my way
Lending time, passing through
all the seasons - borrowing you
Setting sail, finding new
distant shores - borrowing you
I will go through it all
if it makes you want me more
Hey beautiful
can't you see me as I stand
right before you
giving my heart
I touch my happiness
I can't remember how it was to live before you
I touch my blessedness
I never thought I would find myself giving in
But, if you go - I go
and if you stay so will I
If you go - I'll go, and you know I'll go with you

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Artist: Kari Rueslåtten
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