Lonely By Kasey Chambers

Lyrics Of Lonely by Kasey Chambers

Verse 1
I set my camp against the wind
But don?t come close to lover sin
I danced the edge of an avalanche
And lived to walk away

I slept all night on a bed on nails
I?ve walked bare feet on a fire trail
I?ve felt hot needles under my skin
Since you went away

Don?t forget me
I once lived to see your smile
Take a moment and add this to your pile
This dream is over and you want a change of style
Now I?ll been lonely for a while

Verse 2
I?ve broken through your battle lines
Tampered with the hands of time
I walked for miles under desert skies
And still I?ve made no ground

Well you have seen my fall from grace
Watched me beg with your stone cold face
Thrown me away while you kept your pace
The new king has been crowned

Chorus X 1

Acoustic Interlude

Chorus X 1

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Artist: Kasey Chambers
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