Energy By Vhäldemar

Lyrics Of Energy by Vhäldemar

Album: Fight To The End (2002)

End has come, I'm gonna die
Now I see meaning of life
I go to pass with my mind
I can feel when I had in my veins
The power of youth

Searching the truth, knowledge and wisdom
looking for signs in the sky
somewhere in world, somewher in time
I'll find the secret of life

What rules the world? What Makes us live?
What makes the stars spin in the sky?
I can feel when I had in my veins
The power of youth


I had a sword... I had a horse...
I visited wises and kings
Holy places all over the world
Just in the end, my mind's clear
I'll see the truth all is the same
Thunders and men planets and minds
Water and fire just ENERGY.


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Artist: Vhäldemar
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