Etheria By Bayang Barrios

Lyrics Of Etheria by Bayang Barrios

Ivi esna de la
E Hade, Hade, Hade
Hade, Hade, Hade?

A coldo ido capri Emre ya ivo
A coldo ido capri Emre ya ivo
Osno celestia ido ido
Osno celestia

Di ama solare ivo ivo colendrea
Di ama solare ivi luntae sundrea

Encante ivi esna
Encante ivi esna

Hade, Hade, Hade, Hade?

Ilantre ivi eco du
Ilante ivi hasne masne ivi
Gola lesnu/lesna encho?

Hade, Hade, Hade, Hade

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Artist: Bayang Barrios
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