Do You Love Me? By Britney Spears

Lyrics Of Do You Love Me? by Britney Spears

Feat Usher

(Verse 1)

You think it's fine, you think it's ok. When you down, your going back up. You can never see when love is gonna hit you, no, oooh


Do you love me?


Only with the groove


Do you love me?


Only when you sing


But im singing right now baby


But you still can't understand. It was over a long time. Get it round in your head oooooh

(Verse 2)

It happened on a friday night. She came round with drinks and snacks


I found the message on his message machine..oh from another women, i loved you and i wish i could sing

(Chrous x 1)
(Verse 3)

I hate you
I despise you
I loved you
You ruined it.

(Chorus X 2)

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