That Man Is Here Again By Cab Calloway

Lyrics Of That Man Is Here Again by Cab Calloway

Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!
Mama, that man's here again!

Brothers and sisters, have you heard the news today?
Now, I've been told that Mr. Van Chuba is in town to stay!
He's the new sensation,
He has lots of syncopation,
Come on, gather 'round 'cause I've got more to say,
Oh, yeah!

Mama, Mama, that man is here again!
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah!

Mr. Van Chuba, came back from Cuba,
Playing his tuba,
That man is here again!

He plays the hot number,
Breaks up your slumber,
You will dance the rhumba,
Oh, yeah!
That man is here again!

When that man begins to swing,
Everybody goes to town,
Oh, he has that certain thing
Makes you Suzy-Q, then you truck on down.

He keeps you swayin',
While he is playin',
Everyone is sayin', "Oh, yeah,
That man is here again!"

[Scat chorus]

That man is here,
That man is here, is here again!

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Artist: Cab Calloway
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