Lonely By Deine Lakaien

Lyrics Of Lonely by Deine Lakaien

Lonely, where should I be if this is not my land
Slowly, life is running through my fingers like sand
Call me, and I'll be wherever you are
Lonely, and the day hides a falling star

And I tried so hard, yes I tried to get out
But the fear kept on strangling my will
And I tried so hard, yes I tried to get out
But the chains they were harder than steel

Lonely, when the bird calls the break of dawn
Lonely, when nightfall takes lovers in it's arms

Lonely, when meadows outside grow green
Falling, and the waters take what has been
Flowing, show me a place where I can fall asleep
Lonely, and the oceans are vast and deep

And I tried so hard...

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Artist: Deine Lakaien
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