'till (y)our Bitter End By Darkside

Lyrics Of 'till (y)our Bitter End by Darkside

Gave us clemence of birth under pain
Draught us out of the mud
As long as your lifeline shivers
Don't let me go

Deliver me hope
Giving meaning to my life

Rewarding me day by day
In honest unselfishness
Just asking respect and comprehension
For your death

I hear your song but I ignore your cries
To prove myself
I don't even move my eyes
Because others certainly will

Your lament is deafening
The wounds too obvious
Exited I keep on raping you
For my glorification

You try to defend but we just laugh
Finding new ways to mute your desire

Your life our fate
Displayed before my eyes
Feeling lost in our mind
I hide my heart away
Time is gone I want back into the womb
And breed forever on
Await for the awakening
May god bless our souls

You beg for mercy
Earning mockery and scorn
Tears, a neverending stream
Your just desert

Bathed in your tears
Rushed away within
Close my eyes in self abasement
I'm able to ignore your suffering

Your life our fate

Wall of hatred and death enables me
To hide my heart away
I pray for if the time will come
Take me back into your womb
And please, please
Forgive me!

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Artist: Darkside
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