Waiting And Wishing By George Ducas

Lyrics Of Waiting And Wishing by George Ducas

I throw a penny in the river each mornin'
At twilight I go outside and find the first star
I'm down on my knees most every evenin'
Praying I'll find a way back into your heart
I'm waiting and wishing for one chance to hold you the same way I used to
I'm waiting and wishing for one night of moonlight
To bring back the love we once knew
But waiting and wishing is just crazy thinking when I'm waiting and wishing for you
[ piano - steel ]
I'm just a shadow of what I was with you
And I've come to know a shadow ain't much
It's just an image of darkness the sunlight can't get to
That fades in the nighttime when it ain't bright enough
I'm waiting and wishing...
Waiting and wishing is just crazy thinkin' when I'm waiting and wishing for you

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Artist: George Ducas
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