The Maggot Crusher By Impaled Nazarene

Lyrics Of The Maggot Crusher by Impaled Nazarene

Oh woe to the lamb of god
These are your last days
Feel the burning hatred, feel the pain

Your destruction is imminent
Resistance is futile, you die

I am the Maggot Crusher
You shall fear my name
I am the Maggot Crusher
You shall fear me
I am the Maggot Crusher
Fucking fear me
I shall spread devastation
I shall bring pain
Once i am thru with you
Nothing is the same

Oh woe to the maggots of god
Crushed pieces of shit you are
Dead insects, dead god

Fear the Maggot Crusher
Fear the Maggot Crusher

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Artist: Impaled Nazarene
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