Images Of You By Kari Rueslatten

Lyrics Of Images Of You by Kari Rueslatten

Where streetlamps go to die
Is where we will find our love - no reason my
I love you this much
Nothing as such - don't ask me why

If I close my eyes and start counting all the lies
- I wish I'd die
I'm wishing all the best - I hope you pass the test
At least you could try

I've never liked sleeping alone
But sleeping with you is like coming home
I've never liked loosing control
But when I'm with you that's what's making me whole
When you breath in my hair - the love we share
I can't believe this fear I have inside
Of not staying true to the images of you

I wish that I could go - and never let me know
What you have done
I could live my life, and carry all my pride
Believing I won

I can't believe this fear I have inside
Of staying true to the images of you

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Artist: Kari Rueslatten
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