Language Of Disloyalty By Mactatus

Lyrics Of Language Of Disloyalty by Mactatus

As flickering nightmare grazing a druid of pai and caught in between the greatness and the end
Driven by prosals from darkness and mist spoken by the language of disloyalty pulling to pieces
The resoults wrath on one side th dominion of inferiority granting petty and disgrace on the
Other the empire of nothing sharing the illusion of the beholder to awake memories of erotic
Slaying the sexuality in scaring the years of monstosity dimness from the eyes of immense
Bleeding the deceas the begining of the end is the greatness in death shimering nebula of blood
Lifted from sights spoken by language of disloylty delighted of being alive and waiting to die

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Artist: Mactatus
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