Carolyna By Melanie C (melanie Chisholm)

Lyrics Of Carolyna by Melanie C (melanie Chisholm)

Just another girl with a dream in her heart
Wanna make a new start with a fire inside of her
She had to go
She couldn't stay around, everybody let her down
Stole the light and the life and the child inside of her
She's so alone
Running for the train
Take her far away from everything she knows
And the way they make her feel
She leaves today
Never look back never lose track already strong
She's seen too much at seventeen
The past will fade with the future that she craves
Carolyna you travel so far
Trying to escape the pain, start again where you are
Carolyna you keep following your star
Nobody said you're beautiful, you're beautiful the way you are
Finally you're free where you long to be
But it won't take long till hits reality
The streets are cold
Big, bad city gonna eat you up
Hard to survive, hard to keep your sanity
Still feeling low
But she's never going home
Carolyna you travel so far...
She tries to rest
All she needs is a warm caress
All she wants is happiness
Carolyna you travel so far...
So beautiful the way you are
So beautiful the way you are
Carolyna you travel so far...

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Artist: Melanie C (melanie Chisholm)
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