Out Of Time By Melanie C (melanie Chisholm)

Lyrics Of Out Of Time by Melanie C (melanie Chisholm)

What if this is nearly over?
Everything coming to an end
As I see fading colours
Finding it harder to pretend
No one can take away the days that we conquered
They hang like shadows in my mind
Everything I thought
Everything I felt
Thank God that?s over
Reading the signs
We?re out of time
There is always a new story
Another player in the game
Can I rise to a new glory?
Or will these demons keep me chained?
Sometimes fear consumes my every emotion
So I?m drifting with the tide
Everything I am
Everything I did
With total devotion
Reading the signs
We?re out of time
The sun will still rise
Maybe shine a little bit brighter
No matter what they say
We can reach a little bit higher
Shake away the chains
We can do this together
I know with you by my side
We?ll be alright
The sun is gonna rise...
Alright alright
We?ll be alright
Alright alright
We?ll be alright

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Artist: Melanie C (melanie Chisholm)
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