Angel Of Music By Phantom Of The Opera

Lyrics Of Angel Of Music by Phantom Of The Opera

PHANTOM'S VOICE: Brava, brava, bravissima . . .

Christine, Christine...
(Phantom: Christine...)

Where in the world
Have you been hiding?
Really, you were perfect!

I only wish
I knew your secret!
Who is your great tutor?

Father once spoke of an angel
I used to dream he'd appear
Now as I sing, I can sense him
And I know he's here

Here in this room
He calls me softly
Somewhere inside hiding

Somehow I know
He's always with me
He - the unseen genius

Christine, you must have been dreaming, stories like this can't come true

Christine, you're talking in riddles, and it's not like you!

Angel of Music!
Guide and guardian!
Grant to me your glory!

MEG(to herself):
Who is this angel? This...

Angel of Music!
Hide no longer!
Secret and strange angel

He's with me, even now...

Your hands are cold...

All around me...

Your face, Christine, it's white...

It frightens me...

Don't be frightened...

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Artist: Phantom Of The Opera
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