What The Heart Wants By Raye Collin

Lyrics Of What The Heart Wants by Raye Collin

She met him down at the laundromat
Three a.m. on a washing machine
They say, and talked till dawn
He bought her breakfast at a small cafe
The morning turned into the rest of the day
When the day was gone
He thought that she'd surely run away
No fairytale ever started this way but
It aint the mind that calls the shots round here
When stronger powers pull two bodies near
Nothing on earth can interfere
When love is what the heart wants
They made a wish on the evening star
From a roof top high above the boulevard
Up in the twilight sky
He held her hand as she held her breath
Two lonely hearts beating scared to death
Of a chance to fly
Giving in to the arms of fate
This isn't quite like the plans that they made but

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Artist: Raye Collin
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