Insane By Callalily

Lyrics Of Insane by Callalily

I can't sleep alone no more
Since the day i first heard you voice
I lay awake in bed
With thoughts of you in my head

I know i don't deserve
But thank God i found you
To have you and to hold you
Would be the greatest thing
That i could ever be

And if i'm dreaming
Please don't wake me up
Cause i'd go insane
Without you near me
And while you're sleeping
I'm still standing up
Cause i'd go insane
Without you near me

When i look into your eyes
My mind drifts into the sky
I tilt my head and weap
She turns this way my knees are week

[Repeat pre-chorus]

[Repeat chorus 2x]

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Artist: Callalily
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