Riga Girls By The Weepies

Lyrics Of Riga Girls by The Weepies

Are your friends really your friends?
Are you still waiting for the end of the day?
Hey, hey, when will you learn to love what's sent from up above?

Riga girls go like this
Make me wish I was someone else
Oh, Riga girls, are you sad?
Oh, I wish I had someone

Just a little bit of snake oil, tin foil
It takes so little charm to keep you hanging on
But it's a facade like the sky, like the moon, like your eyes

Riga girls like to kiss
Make me wish I was someone else
Oh, Riga girls are you sad?
Oh, I wish I had someone

Who would want you as you are?
What can you give they couldn't get from someone else?
What life of ease, what wedding bells, what pretty stones, what precious wealth?

Don't be lonely, why don't you call me?
It's called a come on, come on, come on baby
Does your heart echo like a hall
'Cause there's no one there at all

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Artist: The Weepies
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