Always In My Heart By Bob Seger

Lyrics Of Always In My Heart by Bob Seger

I think of you and I together
I picture you and I as one
When we sit there in
The firelight baby
When we wake to the morning sun
And though you may leave me
We're never apart
You're Always In My Heart

When you're standing at the window
With the moonlight in your hair
And you turn and smile
My favorite smile
I just have to stop and stare
And babe when you hold me
I go off the chart
You're Always In My Heart

Stay with me stay
Stay with me babe forever
Be by my side
Lets spend our lives together

I picture you and I together
I think of you and I for years
And if you're ever lost or worries Baby
I'll be there to calm your fears
I think that I've loved you
Right from the start

Always In My Heart
Always In My Heart

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Artist: Bob Seger
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