Whatever It Takes By Fairweather

Lyrics Of Whatever It Takes by Fairweather

September isn't too far and I'm not sure I'll return but I know it's what you want
Whatever it takes for you to try to let me go though you're scared I'll go too far
It's feeling like forever
I'm not sure where I'm going
It's feeling like forever
Not sure, Not sure
Just give me one last chance to shine before I fade
Please give me one last chance to shine, fade away
This is the season to break me, I'm not sure I've said
Autumn colors and sour skies, convincing to stay in bed
Say you will and mean it
Say you will I'm running out of drive to fight with you
So you say you've got the answers to our problems never-ending
Don't have faith that you can let go of our difference causing friction

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Artist: Fairweather
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