Big Bad Love By Alanis Morissette

Lyrics Of Big Bad Love by Alanis Morissette

I'm having dreams in the night of you baby
And Sigmund Freud would have thought I was crazy
I wonder why you've become an obsession
All I know is that I need to have your big bad love
Big bad love (3k)
You keep on lovin' and lyin'
You've turning me into a fool babe
But I'm not screamin' or cryin'
There's better things we have to do baby

It takes a lot for me to truly believe
That you could love me unconditionally
And I'm terrified of taking a chance
If you're not ready to believe in romance

Who...I wonder why I am so unrelentless
There's nothing that I can do to prevent this
And the dream I am not apprehensive
All I know is that I need to have your...

Big bad love
I need a love with an attitude
Big bad love
The only kind that I want from you
Big bad love
I need it from you so urgently
Big bad love...need it baby yeah yeah yeah

I'm not avoidin' your lovin'
'Cause I can afford to be blue babe
I keep on pushin' and shovin'
I can't get enough out of you baby

I don't believe your blood is bad to the bone
'Cause then you're different when we're here all alone
And if you knew the game I wanted to play
Now would you say the words I want you to say ...who

I'm am so relentless...I can't prevent this... I am not apprehensive
All I know is that I need to have your big bad love

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Artist: Alanis Morissette
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