When Guardian Angels Cry By Fancy

Lyrics Of When Guardian Angels Cry by Fancy

We tried to reach the islands
Where dreams can never die
We crossed the ocean of the world
We went through rain and lightning
And lost our love inside
Oh, baby save me from the blues

There will be no light
At night when guardian angels cry
We better hide
At night when guardian angels cry
The other side of love
Is hidden in the dark
And tears will come with a sign
Don't break my heart
At night when guardian angels cry

We tried to cross the border
From love to ecstacy
But there was nothing
Left to say
We learned to kill our feelings
To set emotions free
The gods of twilight never wait

When guardian angels cry
You pray as we'll be away
The tears keep falling
Like a lover ..... rain
And in the morning
They're all gone
And they'll never come back

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Artist: Fancy
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