Celebration Of The Heaven Lost By Arthemesia

Lyrics Of Celebration Of The Heaven Lost by Arthemesia

By the Moon, by the Blood, by the (7th.) Star,
By the Powers of the sacred Hall!
The Chants and the Spells of the Nightly Wind,
Nocturnal Wind shall Born and Arise!
Rise Up High, so High!
He Tears the Gardens of heaven Apart,
He Crushes the Fruits of paradise.
Frightened are the Misfortuned gods,
As the Flames of Pain Blackens their Hearts.
The celestial Shields can`t Hold His Might,
As the Venomous Winds Blows them Down.
Echoing Screams of the Pale White angels
As they`re Raped by the Shadows.
Feathers, like Swans Feathers,
Streams Down from the Sky.
And the Red Rain, that Floods the Lands Below,
Drowning the Altars of Holiness, Away.
Celebration of the gods Loss.
Celebration of the heaven Lost.
And the Black Tears, what the Gods Weap,
Darkening the Shores of life to Infinity.
Eternal Winds of Night,
Winds of Eternal Night.
Dust of heaven Lost,
The Feast on heaven`s Corpse.

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Artist: Arthemesia
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