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Observing the Starless Sky,
I Remain Silent.
Gazing Through the Universe,
I Start to Laugh.
Aeons Ago I was Born,
From the Ash of the Stellar Mist.
And with a Touch of Immortality,
I Became the Mocker of life.
"Ride, My Steed of Silver,
Ride Through the Flaming Clouds."
"Witness My Triumphant Coming,
Witness My Hate."
"Hear My Grim Battlecry,
Low Your Heads
And Prepare to Die!
(For) I am the Personification of Death,
I am the Mocker of life!"
Blazing Cloak Upon Me,
I Memorize My Fallen Prey.
Time is Again on My Side,
As the Worlds, They do Collapse.
Curse the day When I Shall Fall,
When My Might is Gone.
Never Shall Thine Blades Wound Me,
Never Shall Thine Storms Catch Me.
As I Glare - Upon My Scythe
To See - My Next Realm What to Crush .
Once Again - I Clench That Helve Tight
And Prepare - for My Feast.

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