The Breeze Of Grief By Arthemesia

Lyrics Of The Breeze Of Grief by Arthemesia

As You See the Light Fade away,
From My Eyes and from My Soul.
Something Beautiful is Cast Upon Me,
Cape of Darkness Slowly Falling.
The Oldest Memories, are Thrown Away.
From My Dreams and from My Phantasies,
I am Shattered onto these Unknown Planes,
Pieces of Me are Floating in the Aether..
My Blood is Freezing into the Ground,
As I Lay Before You,
Your Tears are Moistening My Lips,
As I am Flowing Away.
With that Knife and with that Laughter
You Gently Cut Your Veins.
As the Breeze of Grief Binds Us
In the Pool of Blood We now Lay,
Together We are Withering Away,
Hand to Hand, Everything can Wait!
Eternity is now, just Forget all the Faith!

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Artist: Arthemesia
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