Universal Black By Arthemesia

Lyrics Of Universal Black by Arthemesia

"Spectres of Our Souls,
Are Exiled in the Cosmic Sea,
Only the Serpents crawl now
In the Face of Gaia."
Did you Hear the Unblessed Choirs,
Which were Sung in a Monotonous Way?
Did you See when the Daemons Rode
To the Shores of paradise?
Did you Feel the Breath of Eternal Winter,
That Chilled Your Warm Body
And Darkified Your Dismembered Souls?
Where were You at the Eve of that Night?
Did You Shiver when You Heard their Names
Being Chanted Towards the Skies?
Those Names That No One can Speak out Loud.
Did You Saw Them Coming?
Were You able to Stand Before,
That Pure Coldness,
Of that Vengeance
Or did You Fall down?
When did You Understand,
That You are going to Die?
"Once again the Universal Black - this Language Aeons Old,
Has Mesmerized Us - in the State of Nothingness.
Only Our Souls - the Remains of Humanity,
Are Immortalized - in the Great Vastness."

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