Second Wind By Petra

Lyrics Of Second Wind by Petra

Words and music by Bob Hartman

Long-distance run from darkness
Headed into the sun
And it seems like eternity
Till this race is won
Soul and spirit weak and weary
Strength was was almost gone
When a soothing gentle breeze carried me further on

I've got my second wind, Spirit's coming again
I've got a new revelation from the King of Kings
Found my second wind, feel my strength returning again
Returning again

Through a desert night in darkness
Racing toward the light
There were too many hills to climb
And too many battles to fight
Then distant lights were calling
Beckoned me as a guest
When I found the oasis there
I entered into a rest

Just when I thought I couldn't run any longer
I got my second wind
Just when I thought I'd never be any stronger
I got my second wind
Just when I thought that I would fall into darkness
I got my second wind
Just when I thought that I would fail every test
I got my second wind

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