Never Say Never By Rough Silk

Lyrics Of Never Say Never by Rough Silk

Never say never - never say die
Never never never - never say die

Time is a liar
Life is a trail
Lords of desire
And the cheque's in mail
Close your eyes and you will see
The dark side of your fantasy
Eyes of lust and dreams of black
Heroes gone that won't come back

Politicians cheat and lie
Blind corruption makes you cry
Destination face to face
Conscience gone without a trace
White man - black man - might have been
Just the colour - of your skin
"all the perople shall be equal!"
So why do we cause the pain?

"...It is a fact that most crimes committed
Against people because of their colour or religion
Had nothing to do with the individual personality
Of the victims. Since the traffic death of Dr. Martin
Luther King the word race war has got a terrifying
Meaning to all minorities all over the world..."

Never say never - never say die
Never look back when you say goodbye
You gotta be black - you gotta be white
Never say never - unchain the night

Lost in the darkness - strangers on the loose
Even your touch now can't take away my blues
Destiny - the rest of me
Hatred took humanity
Freedom is the only treasure
So why can't you let it be

"... is pain just another word for life?
Do we frist have to blled before we reach the point
To be somebody
Do dreams come true after loneliness and desperation have gone?
Some say yey - some say no - but in the end:
Who knows?..."

Never say never - never say die
Never look back when you say goodbye
You gotta be black - you gotta be white
You gotta be the light
Never say never - never say Cain
Never she'd tears in the falling rain
You gotta be strong on the edge of your life
Never say never - shall we die?

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