Call To The Heart By Giuffria

Lyrics Of Call To The Heart by Giuffria

Can I ever live without you girl?
Get back on my feet again.
Now I'm lost in your world.
And there's no simple way to let you go,
When you've been such a part of me.
And though you choose to walk a separate road.
I still believe in you.

So I call to your heart, hear me calling to your heart.
Oh, I call to your heart, I'm calling to your heart.

Distant voices in the silent night, call to a memory.
Someone touched me but it don't feel right.
It's only you I need believe me .

When I call to your heart.
Hear me calling to your heart.
When I call to your heart.
I'm calling to your, calling to your heart.
Call to your heart.

Your love I lost along the way,
But darling, I'll find you someday

Oh calling to your, here me calling to your
Here me calling to your heart

Darlin', you remember the dreams that we had.
I'd give everything, my world, to hold you again.
And darlin', together, we can make it work out.
So stay with me baby, I need you now.

I call to your heart, I've been calling you back again.
And to hear all the times we had
Hear me call to your heart, hear me calling to your,
Calling to your heart.
I'll call to your heart. (ohhh)
Oh, call to your heart.
Hear me calling to you, calling to your heart.
(to your heart.)

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Artist: Giuffria
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