Let's Shake It Up By Ten Years After

Lyrics Of Let's Shake It Up by Ten Years After

Ten Years After Let's Shake It Up Lyrics

I'm glad to see you made it to the show tonight
I know you live your rock & roll
Rhythms gonna get you and make you feel all right
Move it to your very soul
You're working hard now it's time to play
Time to let your soul be free
Music gonna get you like the jungle drums
Won't you rock & roll (it) with me

It's a fever burning
Burning in my soul
Let's shake it up
Let's shake it up

Well I feel like working on some rock & roll
The sweat dripping off my face
Get the fire a'burning, shovel on some coal
Time to - win the human race (put some heat in the place)
I see your body moving I can feel the heat
Lord how I love that rock & roll
Feel it from my head to my feet

It's a burning fever
Burning in my soul
Let's shake it up
Let's shake it up

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Artist: Ten Years After
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