The Black Art Of Deception By Goatwhore

Lyrics Of The Black Art Of Deception by Goatwhore

Bastard Christ Second comign of sacrifice Release my chained hands No more virus of your worship Thrust of nails Into these wrists Sworn to death Reign of blood Seize the prophecy of the final sacrifice Great unclean soul, Offered in this final murder Hell will raise as the dead king returns from the afterlife Bring forth the death of God as the black lord comes to rise Temptation for the fault of man Ruin in the offering of self Valley of the exalted Rise before Satan, The new king Bow down to manifest this holy demise of the final Nazarene Creation Failed with the birth of man in the image of God Religious icons crushed with the transformation of the feverish Faceless messiah with horns of the reborn goat Rise great lord of the dark Kill Christ in final rite Behold...Lucifer ion rite of the silver star Call forth the legion of the flame Invoke the wrath of Dagon Black sorcery be thy name Falling into the deep sleep of Azrael My blood screams and burns through (my skin) Dead Christ Devil's sacrifice Reign of murder Return Unclean Raising the undivine

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Artist: Goatwhore
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