Never Say Never By Wynonna Judd

Lyrics Of Never Say Never by Wynonna Judd

VERSE; I kept wishing you would come But in my heart I knew it wasn't time You needed to do what you needed to do The parting miles reminded me How close my thoughts were of you A love to be your love forever I learned, NEVER ttHIS SAY NEVER CHORUS; I thought my past was enough Not to take another risk on love But our intense glance Raced your soul through my eyes I knew you were the one I had been dreaming of all my life NEVER SAY NEVER BRIDGE; The soul knows when there's a connection There is a instant flash That says this love is forever VERSE; So, here I am not myself Oh, that's why I changed overnight Or was it at a moments notice When the old self completely left When I looked into you eyes I saw your soul You took me totally by suprise. NEVER SAY NEVER VERSE; Sometimes we're not to question When our lives can change Simply for the better We have no control Because our soul completely knows When there is a connection Even over thousands of ocean miles NEVER SAY NEVER CHORUS; Repeat

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Artist: Wynonna Judd
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