(Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess By John Lennon

Lyrics Of (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess by John Lennon

Forgive me my little flower princess
For crushing your delicateness
Forgive me, if you could forgive me

Forgive me my little flower princess
For selfishness
Forgive me, forgive me

Well I know there is no way to repay you
Whatever it takes I will try to
The rest of my life I will thank you (thank you, thank you)
My little...
If you'll forgive me my little flower princess
Never too late unless you can't forgive...

Time is on our side
Let's not waste another minute
'Cause I love you my little friend
I really love you

Give me just one more chance
And I'll show you -- take up the dance
Where we left off
The rest of our life is the...my little
(I'm home)

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Artist: John Lennon
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