Melting Pot By John Mellencamp

Lyrics Of Melting Pot by John Mellencamp

Written by John Mellencamp

I met my girl
She was livin' in the melting pot
I touched her skin
It was greasy from the melting pot
Get yourself a weapon
Cause they slice you up in the melting pot
Well, I don't really have time to talk
But I wish you lots of luck in the melting pot

And in the end it's always just some game
The heartbreak, the laughter has all been in vain
Beat up and lied to
For your whole life
Kick you in the head
In the melting pot

The hawks live upstairs
Where the air is clean in the melting pot
They like to swoop down
And gnaw at your brain in the melting pot
Money, sex and power
Jerk you off in the back seat of the melting pot
Then they say I saw you last night
And you sure were looking sweet in the melting pot


They'd like to buy you off
If they possibly can in the melting pot
With temptation and dreams and persuasion
That's what they got
In the melting pot
Keep you bleeding, begging and snotty here
In the melting pot
Well, don't you dare laugh out loud
They'll take away what you got
In the melting pot


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Artist: John Mellencamp
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